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New Novel Coming But Not For A While

It’s true. I have a new book coming, next year, in the fall, so announcing this now feels silly but I’m going to announce it, if I haven’t already. It’s possible I did. If so, I’m sorry. The book is called The Reeds. It will come out in the fall of 2024. It was supposed […]

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You May Have Noticed…

….or not. But the Twisters are over. The last straw, to use a well-worn idiom, was Twitter’s idiotic shift to 280-characters. I say idiotic, but I’m sure there were people at Twitter who saw this as….a path to further “engagement” or, perhaps, a way to get new users to sign up, since they must have […]

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I Had a Tweet Made Into a Movie, Too

It just didn’t have the budget that, perhaps, a Rihanna-Lupita heist movie might have (and honestly how great does that sound?). And it wasn’t produced by Netflix. But it was still something. A really cool something. It even won an audience award at the Filminute Festival in 2009. (Directed by Torontonian James Cooper). But it […]

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Because There is Always More Stuff

I’ve decided to add some stuff to Medium. Like I’m not content to post stuff to ello, I’m going to post excerpts from the novel-to-be to Medium as well. I must be silly. No sillier than the unbelievably awful and low-point-in-recent-Canadian-history silly Canadian election campaign. But still silly. How silly? This silly: Of course, I’m […]

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More Twitter!

I still get interviewed about Twitter. It’s an odd thing, really, I mean most days Twitter feels like it’s on the outs, but then some big news thing happens, and where do you get your news? That’s right. Twitter. At least I do. (The image above is from someone’s Twitter stream and it’s the best […]

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This Is What I’m Up To

I believe I’m three quarters of the way through the first draft of my new novel. If I’m following the outline (which has become more like a well-thought out list of well-thought out suggestions rather than an actual set of, you know, instructions that I’m supposed to heed), then I’m three quarters of the way […]

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Reviews, Mentions and Related Silliness Concerning Waiting for the Man

I’m not going to read reviews for Waiting for the Man. I took this decision to maintain my sanity. To not think about perception, or more to the point, how my work is being perceived. This is not to say I don’t want people to purchase it and consume and it and, yes, love it. […]

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On Paste’s Best of Twitter List

So I made Paste’s Best Twitter Accounts list. That’s three years running. I’m beginning to think I owe them money or something. Yes, I know, I said something about year end lists previously. But there’s something about the Paste list that is very edifying. Always has been. Look who else is on it! Um clears […]

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The Year In Review

Yes, yes, yes. I know what I just wrote here. So what? This is my website. Some quick stats: Over 13,000 page views this year. For some people, that’s a good hour on their website. Or a few minutes. But that’s what I got all year. I think that’s less than 2012. I think I […]

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Blurbs, Reviews and Good Cheer

Blurbs are rolling in. Rolling, rolling, rolling… The one on the front cover is from Douglas Coupland: “Waiting for the Man is a strangely engrossing, meticulously written allegory of the present moment.” This is from Jonathan Goldstein (host of one of the best shows on radio, Wiretap) and a great writer himself: “With Waiting For […]

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