The Cover (Preliminary)

There’s nothing to add here. This is the cover of the ARC (look at the words in the black circle for clarification) for my forthcoming novel. Orange shag shows up a few times in the text, in two different places, connected to an individual and the two halves of his life. He strokes the shag […]

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2023 Cannot Be Dreamt Away

I am tired of year end reviews. Years can suck for the writer of the review or for the world at large, or can be good for the writer of the review (but rarely for the world at large) but 2023 seemed to continue a string of crap that started with the pandemic that refuses […]

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New Novel Coming But Not For A While

It’s true. I have a new book coming, next year, in the fall, so announcing this now feels silly but I’m going to announce it, if I haven’t already. It’s possible I did. If so, I’m sorry. The book is called The Reeds. It will come out in the fall of 2024. It was supposed […]

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Nine Years Ago Today

I launched my previous novel at Montreal’s venerable Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, which just happens to be my neighborhood bookstore (lucky me — it’s truly a great place, one of this city’s treasures). I remember there was a lot of beer. My publishers indulged me. So much beer that there was a lot left over and […]

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The Liminal Year

This was a year. There is not much more to say about it. Things happened but they always do. This was a year as liminal space between dumb and stupid. Dumb things happened. I kept saying “everything is stupid” and I was never proven wrong, perhaps proof of what I was saying. A quote as […]

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2021 both happened and didn’t happen. I mean it did, of course it did, I’m not delusional. I’m not a denier of time. And we know there are some people who do deny time, or its passage. The end is never good because the end is always the same. That’s also something about time: there […]

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Goings On

There are a few things happening and I thought I should list them here. It’s true that I have neglected this space, and there are reasons for it, some of which are even valid, but mostly it is because, well, I have neglected this space. I have been writing over on Medium, which my well […]

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A Quick Hello After a Long Absence

And then I decided, well, it’s been a while. The world has… gone batshit. Literally. And so perhaps I should return to this space and write things down every once in a while. Not for you. But for me. It might be nice to get my thoughts in order. So that’s what I’m doing. In […]

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Sometimes You Just Forget

You get busy. You lose the habit. What was once regular becomes not so regular. You stop thinking about the thing as a part of your life. You end the habit of thinking about doing something about thinking about it. You do other things. You write another book. You find a new agent. You can’t […]

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You May Have Noticed…

….or not. But the Twisters are over. The last straw, to use a well-worn idiom, was Twitter’s idiotic shift to 280-characters. I say idiotic, but I’m sure there were people at Twitter who saw this as….a path to further “engagement” or, perhaps, a way to get new users to sign up, since they must have […]

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