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My Very First Stupid Insignificant Tweet

Twitter has been rolling out personal archives to all users and I recently received mine. This is my first tweet (and it’s not what I remember):   And this is my first Twister (which I do remember):   In the past, I’ve said that just a few days passed between my first tweet and my […]

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For the Love of Paste

I made Paste’s best Twitter accounts list again. Second year in a row. This year, I hope I receive a t-shirt at least. Or a squeeze toy.

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The Endless Road to Publishing

I’m pleased to announce that my novel, Waiting for the Man, will be published by ECW in spring 2014. How did we get here? Well. It’s quite possible that there are sentences in this novel that are older than my son. Very few of them but I wouldn’t doubt it. My son is 12 years […]

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And Then It Gets Cold

The geese are flying south. Frost crunches underfoot. The trees glow red and orange. The stupid NHL is stupid. The old Expos make the playoffs and are eliminated in rather spectacular fashion (something I had asked for last week – because I am a small and petty man – and something I might have found […]

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Explaining the Noodle

I changed my Twitter homepage set up. Because I could. I’m not crazy about the design, and frankly, I’m never on the Twitter website itself because YOU DON’T NEED TO BE but I changed the image because I wanted to express myself, I guess, without getting too Madonna about it. (Not that there’s anything wrong […]

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Pretty sure this should be my epitaph

Because it’s a pretty good one. (Though truth be told, I’m going to be cremated….hopefully not anytime soon)

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The Week in Video

I did some video this week. The people at VYou asked me to respond to questions and I did. A lot of them. Perhaps 30. All of this on Monday night. After each video response was posted, I shot it to Twitter. That may have been a mistake. A few peeps wrote me to tell […]

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Another Drunken Paper Puts Me on A List Made Up of People Who Tweet

Pity the Brits. Losing the Euro on penalty kicks (surely the most dastardly invention ever devised to solve a sporting event). Suffering through a summer of epic rain (no really, we all joke about the British weather but this year’s rain is breaking their records). Preparing for the Olympics with that English mixture of fatalism […]

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The Story of the (My) Novel So Far

I tried to hit a home run. In that sense, it’s hard to find blame. I perhaps should not have tried to swing for the fences. Maybe I should have settled for a double. A solid single even. But I tried to hit a home run. They’re so much sexier. What am I talking about? […]

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Happy Birthday To Me

I started this website a year ago because I read somewhere that there were upwards of 400 million English blogs in the world and I wondered why I wasn’t one of them. (Actually, that’s not true – it had nothing to do with the number of blogs and I’m sure there are something like 450 […]

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