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And Yet More Absolutely Useless Thoughts

1. Lists are coming out. More and more of them. I can foresee a day where, really, everything is a list. • Best of the day. • Best of the week. • Best of the month. • Best of the year. • Best of 2:00 PM. • Best Tweets you missed since you last check […]

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More Absolutely Useless Thoughts

1. Is there anything more depressing than the pushing and shoving and punches thrown every Black Friday? And doesn’t Black Friday feel especially apt this year? Isn’t 2016 a kind of Black Friday bildungsroman for all of us? No? I kind of think it is. Because don’t you kind of enjoy it? You shake your […]

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Waiting for Waiting for the Man

The National Post’s Afterword page, one of Canada’s most dependably consistently great book pages, made a list (sigh) of the “25 most anticipated (Canadian) books of 2014.” Waiting for the Man is not on the list. But it was still mentioned. I’ll take it. As one person on Twitter wrote to me, I should compare […]

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On Paste’s Best of Twitter List

So I made Paste’s Best Twitter Accounts list. That’s three years running. I’m beginning to think I owe them money or something. Yes, I know, I said something about year end lists previously. But there’s something about the Paste list that is very edifying. Always has been. Look who else is on it! Um clears […]

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Screw Nostalgia

As the year draws to a close, media is stuck in its annual paradox: it celebrates the past while looking forward…and completely ignoring the present. Best of lists proliferate, like jellyfish in an unbalanced sea, until you don’t even feign surprise to find a Best of Best of list, or, at the very least, a […]

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List: Movies I Kinda Liked (in no particular order)

There’s no rhyme or reason to this. Maybe I’ve been into lists recently. I’ve liked more movies than the ones listed below. For sure. But the truth is, I’m also picky. It’s my curse. Touch of Evil The Aristocats Raising Arizona The Birds Apocalypse Now A Clockwork Orange Badlands The Big Night Jules et Jim […]

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This British Comedian Must Not Know I’m Canadian

It goes without saying. Otherwise, he wouldn’t put me on this veddy veddy English list. I’m sure I’m the only one here without a funny accent. There there chaps, but I’m from the colonies, innit? (I’m also Canadian enough to admit I don’t know who Dave Gorman is and I apologize for that. I really […]

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A Great List

About work. I love this website – basically a list a day. Kind of List of the Day Club. And this list, Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments to himself, his rules for writing, is an awesome list that is still relevant today. Not just for writers, though it is great advice for writers, but for anyone […]

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