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And Yet More Absolutely Useless Thoughts

1. Lists are coming out. More and more of them. I can foresee a day where, really, everything is a list. • Best of the day. • Best of the week. • Best of the month. • Best of the year. • Best of 2:00 PM. • Best Tweets you missed since you last check […]

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On Paste’s Best of Twitter List

So I made Paste’s Best Twitter Accounts list. That’s three years running. I’m beginning to think I owe them money or something. Yes, I know, I said something about year end lists previously. But there’s something about the Paste list that is very edifying. Always has been. Look who else is on it! Um clears […]

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Screw Nostalgia

As the year draws to a close, media is stuck in its annual paradox: it celebrates the past while looking forward…and completely ignoring the present. Best of lists proliferate, like jellyfish in an unbalanced sea, until you don’t even feign surprise to find a Best of Best of list, or, at the very least, a […]

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For the Love of Paste

I made Paste’s best Twitter accounts list again. Second year in a row. This year, I hope I receive a t-shirt at least. Or a squeeze toy.

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