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I Had a Tweet Made Into a Movie, Too

It just didn’t have the budget that, perhaps, a Rihanna-Lupita heist movie might have (and honestly how great does that sound?). And it wasn’t produced by Netflix. But it was still something. A really cool something. It even won an audience award at the Filminute Festival in 2009. (Directed by Torontonian James Cooper). But it […]

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Absolutely Useless Thoughts, Jr: 2017

I might as well continue this, right? After all, my only new year’s resolution is to buy sweatpants. I own sweatpants already, but I need a new pair. And, apparently, the athleisure thing has peaked, so maybe there are good deals on sweatpants now. Or even on companies that produce sweatpants. 1. Should we rename […]

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