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Blurbs, Reviews and Good Cheer

Blurbs are rolling in. Rolling, rolling, rolling… The one on the front cover is from Douglas Coupland: “Waiting for the Man is a strangely engrossing, meticulously written allegory of the present moment.” This is from Jonathan Goldstein (host of one of the best shows on radio, Wiretap) and a great writer himself: “With Waiting For […]

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A Physical Object

So I received the real deal. Well, close. This is what’s going to go to reviewers. And it has blurbs on it. The cover has a blurb from Douglas Coupland. It’s a very Couplandesque blurb: On the back, blurbs from Jonathan Goldstein and Stephen Marche: The whole thing feels kind of thrilling. I’m trying to […]

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Things Montréal Has Given the World Recently*

This is obviously a superficial list. Or not so superficial. But Montreal is responsible in many ways for the items on this list. And for some of them, it apologizes….   1. Vice 2. Jessica Paré 3. Georges St-Pierre 4. Jay Baruchel 5. foie gras on everything and the effect this has on everyone else […]

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