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The Cover (Preliminary)

There’s nothing to add here. This is the cover of the ARC (look at the words in the black circle for clarification) for my forthcoming novel. Orange shag shows up a few times in the text, in two different places, connected to an individual and the two halves of his life. He strokes the shag […]

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New Novel Coming But Not For A While

It’s true. I have a new book coming, next year, in the fall, so announcing this now feels silly but I’m going to announce it, if I haven’t already. It’s possible I did. If so, I’m sorry. The book is called The Reeds. It will come out in the fall of 2024. It was supposed […]

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Alpha and Omega

And then the end of the first part happens and you remember it’s the easy part and now the hard work begins. Because it is hard. Very much so. But a milestone is a milestone. It deserves to be acknowledged. If only because the work changes now, shifts gears, the work comes from a different […]

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Scenes From the Making of a Novel

What does it look like to write a book? It’s a stupid question. I wrote Waiting for the Man over a long period, in many different circumstances. Some drafts were written by hand. Some were done entirely on computer. I do most of my editing by hand as well, so I’d print out the latest […]

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The March To the Novel: Little Steps To The Real Thing (or, the ISBNification of me)

A book is transformed, slowly, from idea to physical creation to consumer product. The transformation from idea to physical thing is long and painful and fraught. Creating the thing isn’t easy and never was and never will be. If it has value, it shouldn’t be easy (though this is a kind of value judgement, I […]

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Here’s the Cover (March of the Novel, Part 3,000,001)

And then there was a cover. Here it is. The blurb will change. But otherwise, this is out. This week, some writers/reviewers started to receive ARCs (advanced reader copies) – perhaps one of them will say something nice and their blurb will replace the blurb currently on the cover. Also, I saw the catalog copy […]

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The March of the Novel, part 3,000,000

So, we move forward. Waiting for the Man now has an ISBN and its own Goodreads page. I just finished my final readthrough after some last minute and astute edits and queries. And, frankly, I hope to never read this book again. Ever. Oh, I’ll read parts of it. I have to. But not the […]

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Ceci N’est Pas Un Blog Post

This is not a blog post about anything. This is not a blog post about the unimaginable inanities taking place in Quebec, or Washington, DC, or Syria, or anywhere else. This is not a blog post about what makes a blog post and what makes an essay and whether or not the word blog is […]

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And Yet Another Installment in the March of the Novel (or Slow Cooking is the Best Cooking)

The slow (but steady) march toward publishing, as inexorable as a stream finding the ocean, forward. Editing. Done. Copy Editing. Done. First two rounds of drafts for the covers. Yes. (this is going to be a good looking book, I can tell you that, this is the designer’s website) And then there’s more waiting. Holy […]

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The March of the Novel

It is almost done. The editing part. I received what has to be one of the best letters ever from any editor anywhere. And then I read the manuscript, which was odd – I haven’t read it in over a year. I went through my editor’s comments. We Skyped (she’s based in Brooklyn). And then, […]

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