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You May Have Noticed…

….or not. But the Twisters are over. The last straw, to use a well-worn idiom, was Twitter’s idiotic shift to 280-characters. I say idiotic, but I’m sure there were people at Twitter who saw this as….a path to further “engagement” or, perhaps, a way to get new users to sign up, since they must have […]

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The Endless Road to Publishing

I’m pleased to announce that my novel, Waiting for the Man, will be published by ECW in spring 2014. How did we get here? Well. It’s quite possible that there are sentences in this novel that are older than my son. Very few of them but I wouldn’t doubt it. My son is 12 years […]

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Happy Birthday To Me

I started this website a year ago because I read somewhere that there were upwards of 400 million English blogs in the world and I wondered why I wasn’t one of them. (Actually, that’s not true – it had nothing to do with the number of blogs and I’m sure there are something like 450 […]

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No One Will Ever Say Nicer Things About Me

A new piece, calling me all sorts of good things. It’s not often that a piece makes me blush. If, you know, you could see a brown guy blush. And yes. I really do believe Touch of Evil is the best movie of all time. Nothing has come close. Ever. This is the famous opening […]

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Ruining Young Minds Since 2011

My Twisters are now…in high school textbooks. Yes. Canadian students from grades 10 to 12 are being subjected to my Twisters among other far superior works. I sold two sets of Twisters (to the same publisher – but for different books) but this is the first textbook I’ve seen. Other than my contribution, I have […]

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