In October of 2009, I heard about Twitter and being the curious sort, checked it out. And then for whatever reason, I wrote a “short story” – and that story came in at over 140 characters. And while editing it down, I realized something about the possibilities inherent in the limitations Twitter imposes on all of us. That first story came in at exactly 140 characters. I thought perhaps this was a new form and so I gave it a name: Twisters. And all of my stories since then, now numbering in the thousands, are 140 characters.

I did this until some point in 2017. I stopped for many reasons (most of which I list here).

On this page, you can search through most of my twisters,  through key themes: Love, Sex, Food, Family, Home, Work.

Or you can search them based on words found within the texts. Why would you do this? Well, why not?

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