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Absolutely Useless Thoughts

1. Trump is playing whack-a-mole. He’s been doing it from the start. He wins because he expects you to think in traditional norms. So the playing field is uneven and always has been and then he just starts throwing stuff out there and challenges you to respond to each and every thing because someone is […]

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You Can Hear My Awful Voice

Everyone thinks their voice is awful and I’m “everyone” too so I think my voice is awful. It must be hard for singers. I was on a podcast recently and I talked about my writing, restaurants in Montreal, and my day job. It’s not a must listen or anything, but it’s a surprisingly entertaining 40 […]

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En francais, dude

I’m not so ambivalent about reviews now, not with the French version of my book, at least. Because the book is old and the reviews aren’t going to drive me so crazy. And so here’s the first review (that I know of) and it’s good! If not great. And speaking of Attends-moi, I’ll be at […]

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The New Thing

I’m reading this Sunday at a bar on Crescent Street. Not by myself, because that would be unbelievably awful, but with a bunch of other writers. I’m going to read a chapter from Jones. That’s what the new project is called. It’s still in first draft mode. Half way through the first draft. Meaning the […]

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Post Vacation Thoughts – and The Types of People Who Should Buy My Book If You Haven’t Already Done So

I went on vacation. We went to Maine and ate a lot of things from the ocean that once lived in shells. As in, if it was in a shell at some point, I ate it. Or tried to. And pizza. Don’t ask me why, but pizza in Montreal is mostly bad. Maine isn’t quite […]

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Book Launch, Appearances and Readings

Here we go. I will add to this as new dates/events warrant. 2015 SEPTEMBER 11, MONTREAL: Lancement de traduction Attends-Moi 17h Café L’Ecarté, 2525 de Rouen There will be more. For sure. And I’ll keep posting them here.

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Montreal Book Launch

Is all set. Here’s the post from Drawn & Quarterly. More cities/dates will be announced soonish. And away we go!

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Things Montréal Has Given the World Recently*

This is obviously a superficial list. Or not so superficial. But Montreal is responsible in many ways for the items on this list. And for some of them, it apologizes….   1. Vice 2. Jessica Paré 3. Georges St-Pierre 4. Jay Baruchel 5. foie gras on everything and the effect this has on everyone else […]

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New Short Story Published at Joyland

To celebrate the start of winter, or not – this is very subjective – I have a new story published by the great people at Joyland, called Cold. I’m lucky to live in a place that still has winter (I kind of like it) though it doesn’t have winter enough. We used to get a […]

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Explaining the Noodle

I changed my Twitter homepage set up. Because I could. I’m not crazy about the design, and frankly, I’m never on the Twitter website itself because YOU DON’T NEED TO BE but I changed the image because I wanted to express myself, I guess, without getting too Madonna about it. (Not that there’s anything wrong […]

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