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Blurbs, Reviews and Good Cheer

Blurbs are rolling in. Rolling, rolling, rolling… The one on the front cover is from Douglas Coupland: “Waiting for the Man is a strangely engrossing, meticulously written allegory of the present moment.” This is from Jonathan Goldstein (host of one of the best shows on radio, Wiretap) and a great writer himself: “With Waiting For […]

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A Physical Object

So I received the real deal. Well, close. This is what’s going to go to reviewers. And it has blurbs on it. The cover has a blurb from Douglas Coupland. It’s a very Couplandesque blurb: On the back, blurbs from Jonathan Goldstein and Stephen Marche: The whole thing feels kind of thrilling. I’m trying to […]

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