Another Drunken Paper Puts Me on A List Made Up of People Who Tweet

Pity the Brits. Losing the Euro on penalty kicks (surely the most dastardly invention ever devised to solve a sporting event). Suffering through a summer of epic rain (no really, we all joke about the British weather but this year’s rain is breaking their records). Preparing for the Olympics with that English mixture of fatalism and indifference. And now, today: Andy Murray, Scottish sure, but still the country’s hope, to end a British drought at Wimbledon that goes back further than even the Toronto Maple Leafs’ record of futility in their pursuit of a Stanley Cup (donated to the game by a Brit, no less…) So what happens? The Brit get more drunk. And then an upstanding paper like The Sunday Times writes about Twitter. And not only that, but they put me on a list of the top 100 Twitterers. I mean, how many gin and tonics must one consume to come to that conclusion?!?!? Frankly, the fact they used the word “dude” in the lede is a hint as to their complete drunkenness if you ask me.

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