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And Yet Another Installment in the March of the Novel (or Slow Cooking is the Best Cooking)

The slow (but steady) march toward publishing, as inexorable as a stream finding the ocean, forward. Editing. Done. Copy Editing. Done. First two rounds of drafts for the covers. Yes. (this is going to be a good looking book, I can tell you that, this is the designer’s website) And then there’s more waiting. Holy […]

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The March of the Novel

It is almost done. The editing part. I received what has to be one of the best letters ever from any editor anywhere. And then I read the manuscript, which was odd – I haven’t read it in over a year. I went through my editor’s comments. We Skyped (she’s based in Brooklyn). And then, […]

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And Then It Gets Cold

The geese are flying south. Frost crunches underfoot. The trees glow red and orange. The stupid NHL is stupid. The old Expos make the playoffs and are eliminated in rather spectacular fashion (something I had asked for last week – because I am a small and petty man – and something I might have found […]

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Two Very Different Books, One Recommendation

Two books by two friends. I met Steve way, way back – he was in my first creative writing class. Steve, myself, and Dave McGimpsey were kind of like the three outliers in a class that was populated by the kind of earnest students dipping their pens into the philosophy de jour. I won’t say […]

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Making the World A (More) Beautiful Place

Did Steve Jobs change the world? Of course he did. As a dedicated Mac user my entire adult life, he certainly changed my life. And as someone typing this on a MacBook Pro, with my iPhone and iPad close by, yes, ā€œIā€™m a Mac.ā€ But his transformation of the world is about more than just […]

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