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The March of the Novel

It is almost done. The editing part. I received what has to be one of the best letters ever from any editor anywhere. And then I read the manuscript, which was odd – I haven’t read it in over a year. I went through my editor’s comments. We Skyped (she’s based in Brooklyn). And then, […]

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In Between Days

I have started writing my next novel. I’m not making an announcement, just saying it, in a non grand way (well, why say it at all? you may ask and you would be right to ask it). But after a good six months – it’s more than that, but I’ve been rather single minded the […]

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The Media Starts Here

The book media has started to pick up on the novel, or at least the signing of the deal. It’s early yet, but it’s nice to know people are taking notice. I also like the very short synopsis ECW came up with: Waiting for the Man is about a dissatisfied copywriter who becomes a media sensation by […]

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The Endless Road to Publishing

I’m pleased to announce that my novel, Waiting for the Man, will be published by ECW in spring 2014. How did we get here? Well. It’s quite possible that there are sentences in this novel that are older than my son. Very few of them but I wouldn’t doubt it. My son is 12 years […]

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This is my signature on my new book contract (signed this morning)

Yes. It is done. I signed on the proverbial dotted line. For the novel. More news to come. If I said I wasn’t relieved I’d be lying. See this space for more information soon. What kind of information? Like the publisher. And the pub date. Stuff like that. The deets as we say. Who’s we? […]

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The Story of the (My) Novel So Far

I tried to hit a home run. In that sense, it’s hard to find blame. I perhaps should not have tried to swing for the fences. Maybe I should have settled for a double. A solid single even. But I tried to hit a home run. They’re so much sexier. What am I talking about? […]

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The First Novel as Constipation

Every year around this time I find myself tired for no reason, as if my mind somehow feels the weight of the year and decides to shut down. Either that or I’m getting ready for winter by wanting to hibernate. It’s also a birthday thing. My birthday, which normally I don’t care much about (no […]

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