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Hi Remember Me?

It’s been a while. Stuff has been happening just not here. So this came out today: This is from a short story (Part One of a short story) called Wild Horses (link) that has been posted on a new site called Tabulit, a literary venture that sells short stories and hands over the majority of […]

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Wheels Keep Turning

So. The first draft. It’s percolated. Enough. I’ve left it alone for a few weeks now. Almost a month. I have ideas. I really do. I have cuts to make. Lots of them. I have things to add. New things. Surprises. More things. Less things. Red things. Blue things. Starred things. Stuff. I’m surprised by, […]

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The Male (Writer) Conundrum

Perhaps not conundrum. But last week my agent sent me an email that contained these lines: I wonder if this one might be better off with a male editor, or someone with a slightly different sensibility? This from an editor at a major publishing house. And this wasn’t the first time he’s received a response […]

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The First Novel as Constipation

Every year around this time I find myself tired for no reason, as if my mind somehow feels the weight of the year and decides to shut down. Either that or I’m getting ready for winter by wanting to hibernate. It’s also a birthday thing. My birthday, which normally I don’t care much about (no […]

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