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Here’s the Cover (March of the Novel, Part 3,000,001)

And then there was a cover. Here it is. The blurb will change. But otherwise, this is out. This week, some writers/reviewers started to receive ARCs (advanced reader copies) – perhaps one of them will say something nice and their blurb will replace the blurb currently on the cover. Also, I saw the catalog copy […]

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The March of the Novel

It is almost done. The editing part. I received what has to be one of the best letters ever from any editor anywhere. And then I read the manuscript, which was odd – I haven’t read it in over a year. I went through my editor’s comments. We Skyped (she’s based in Brooklyn). And then, […]

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Some Insignificant Thoughts As 2011 Comes To A Merciful Close

Random thoughts during the holiday season: 2011 was interesting for all the wrong reasons. If it’s going to be winter, let it be winter. Drawn out autumn-ish weather stinks. The rink across the street from my house isn’t done yet because of the weather. If we’re going to live in Canada, snow is part of […]

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Another Q&A: Asserting the Right of Women Everywhere to be Morons

Because of course they can be morons. To deny them that would be sexist. Right? I did a Q&A with Bruce Pirie, who narrated the audiobook of Squishy, and Miette Elm, from Iambik Audiobooks. This is the result. And sure I may bring up Sir John Gielgud and his performances in both Arthur AND Caligula, […]

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Kinda Neat To Be Grouped with Lynne Tillman and Ford Madox Ford

The audiobook for Squishy has been grouped in a Literary Fiction Collection with some really fantastic books. The more I think about this grouping, the more I feel like a bit of an imposter. Who invited me to this party?!?  

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And now the Squishy Audiobook!

The good folk at Iambik have released the audio book version of Squishy. I’m thrilled, of course, and hope you purchase it for your audio pleasure. Some people are asking why I didn’t narrate the book myself. There are a few reasons but mostly the thing would have become a mumblefest. I’m a mumbler. Or, […]

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Sneak Peek at Squishy audiobook

So Iambik has released a sneak listen for the Squishy audiobook through their Facebook page. The audiobook will be out later this week. If you have 15 minutes to spare, have a listen.

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Squishy Audiobook Coming Soon

The good folk over at Iambik Audiobooks will be releasing Squishy as an audiobook sometime this fall. The pub date is a question mark right now, but IT WILL HAPPEN. The paperwork’s done, Iambik and DC (the publishers of Squishy) have signed the contract, and away we go. I look forward to this and will […]

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