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Post Vacation Thoughts – and The Types of People Who Should Buy My Book If You Haven’t Already Done So

I went on vacation. We went to Maine and ate a lot of things from the ocean that once lived in shells. As in, if it was in a shell at some point, I ate it. Or tried to. And pizza. Don’t ask me why, but pizza in Montreal is mostly bad. Maine isn’t quite […]

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The Story of the (My) Novel So Far

I tried to hit a home run. In that sense, it’s hard to find blame. I perhaps should not have tried to swing for the fences. Maybe I should have settled for a double. A solid single even. But I tried to hit a home run. They’re so much sexier. What am I talking about? […]

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An interview with Kevin Canty

Kevin Canty‘s been in Montreal leading some fiction workshops at the SLS, a great program of workshops and readings that take place around the world and that has quickly become a big deal. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kevin about the writing process and, at the same time, diving into his work. He is […]

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