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A Short Introduction to Settings That Will Only Make Sense Once You Read The Reeds (and yes I’m going to say “read The Reeds” quite often in the coming months)

The long road to publishing is indeed a long road. Duh. But you’ve seen the cover. The first blurbs are in. And they’re good. Again, duh. We have chosen an actor to read the text for the audiobook; he’s worked in Montreal and knows French so he won’t massacre some of the words and names. […]

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Absolutely Useless Thoughts, Jr: 2017

I might as well continue this, right? After all, my only new year’s resolution is to buy sweatpants. I own sweatpants already, but I need a new pair. And, apparently, the athleisure thing has peaked, so maybe there are good deals on sweatpants now. Or even on companies that produce sweatpants. 1. Should we rename […]

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Soy Chicken and BBQ Pork on Rice with Attitude

I’ve just returned from Toronto where I spent a few days attending MagNet, an industry conference, doing some work, hitting up the latest Literary Death Match (I was a judge at the one in Montreal) and then hosting the National Magazine Awards (I’m President of the NMAF, the body that runs the show; what this […]

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