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Absolutely Useless Thoughts: 6

Might as well number them. Because I think I’m going to be doing them on a regular basis. So the first officially regular collection of Useless Thoughts, is AUT: 6. Makes about as much sense as anything else in the world right now. 1. Do we ever regret what technology does? Are we so enthralled […]

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A Little Bit of Paper

The paperback version of Waiting for the Man is out now. Or will be soon, depending on where you live. If this interests you, walk to your local bookstore and buy it. If they don’t have one, ask them to order it for you. Or, of course, you can purchase it online. In Canada: Amazon […]

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The Algorithms of Amazon

It sounds like either a play by Oscar Wilde or a Greek tragedy – and in light of what it means we (and by “we” I mean “all of us”) must do these days in order to sell products, perhaps it is a bit tragic. And since we’re all doing it, there is no “comedy […]

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Buying Books

You can preorder Waiting for the Man at these online retailers (amongst others): Canada: Amazon (including Kindle): Waiting for the Man Chapters Indigo US: Amazon (including Kindle) Barnes & Noble Powell’s Indiebound Kobo UK: Amazon Book Depository Waterstones Foyles Australia: Booktopia The book will be available every where and I will keep adding links as […]

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And Now You Can Pre-Order Kindle Editions…

…of Waiting for the Man. At all regular Amazon outlets. US Canada UK Australia Germany You get the idea. More e-versions as they become available. Also, if you purchase the print version of the book, wherever you happen to be, you can receive an e-version of the book for free. (The print book can be […]

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The March To the Novel: Little Steps To The Real Thing (or, the ISBNification of me)

A book is transformed, slowly, from idea to physical creation to consumer product. The transformation from idea to physical thing is long and painful and fraught. Creating the thing isn’t easy and never was and never will be. If it has value, it shouldn’t be easy (though this is a kind of value judgement, I […]

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How Much is That Book Review in the Window?

A big kerfuffle after the New York Times published a story about a guy doing what every one in the world had to suspect at some point that every one was actually doing all along: he was paid to write reviews for books on Amazon. And some very big writers at Amazon were part of […]

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Books Need to Get Bookier

Look at these things. They are gorgeous. I would never have read….no, that’s not true. I would have read them in any form imaginable.  A Joseph Conrad novella (that I’d never read, from a series from Melville House that I’d never heard of) and F. Scott on booze! I found them at my neighbourhood bookstore, […]

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Random Thoughts About Clouds, Dancing Writers, TV, Boomers, Beer and Serena’s Butt

Thoughts generally are random. That’s what makes them magical. Or at least interesting. The random nature of thought, or what some of us might call stream of consciousness, leads to the difficult brilliance of the likes of Joyce and Borges, or the hilarious (but studied) non-sequiturs of Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin. Wait. I think watching […]

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