Here’s the Cover (March of the Novel, Part 3,000,001)

Waiting for the Man Selected V2

And then there was a cover. Here it is. The blurb will change. But otherwise, this is out.

This week, some writers/reviewers started to receive ARCs (advanced reader copies) – perhaps one of them will say something nice and their blurb will replace the blurb currently on the cover.

Also, I saw the catalog copy today. Or was it yesterday? No, earlier today. I saw it today. The catalog copy does what catalog copy is supposed to do: it makes the story sound awesome, it makes me sound interesting, and attempts to make an event out of all of this.

The cover was designed by Michel Vrana and he went through a lot to get to this place. Including thinking he was done and then learning he wasn’t.

And now there is a cover and catalog copy and I told my brother that the book is dedicated to him because it is and he should know (Squishy was dedicated to my wife) – and he probably forgets that years and years ago I told him I would dedicate my first novel to him and now I have.

So between now and April (the book is due out April 15), I’m going to sit and twiddle my thumbs. Or not.

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