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Random Thoughts About Clouds, Dancing Writers, TV, Boomers, Beer and Serena’s Butt

Thoughts generally are random. That’s what makes them magical. Or at least interesting. The random nature of thought, or what some of us might call stream of consciousness, leads to the difficult brilliance of the likes of Joyce and Borges, or the hilarious (but studied) non-sequiturs of Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin. Wait. I think watching […]

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Happy Birthday To Me

I started this website a year ago because I read somewhere that there were upwards of 400 million English blogs in the world and I wondered why I wasn’t one of them. (Actually, that’s not true – it had nothing to do with the number of blogs and I’m sure there are something like 450 […]

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Two Very Different Books, One Recommendation

Two books by two friends. I met Steve way, way back – he was in my first creative writing class. Steve, myself, and Dave McGimpsey were kind of like the three outliers in a class that was populated by the kind of earnest students dipping their pens into the philosophy de jour. I won’t say […]

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This is What Busy Looks Like

Nothing. It looks like nothing because you don’t get anything done. It’s an empty box, sunshine without light, warmth without heat. Plans get demolished, not by anything sinister, but by life, by the forward progress of time, by the inevitable bullshit of living, the accretion of layers of stuff, things we have to climb over […]

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Tourism Montreal

I never posted this. Tourisme Montreal was doing a series of insider type “locals” interviews with Montrealers a while back and they chose me for their first one. How far back? Well, my bar became a cafe and I’m still sad about it. Very sad. Everything else I mention here is open. And I don’t […]

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It’s The Heat and Humidity

Heat. There’s some real heat out there now and while it feels nice, I don’t quite function properly in Montreal’s heat. I never have. It often surprises people (ok, it surprises Americans mostly) how hot Montreal gets in the summer and especially the humidity, which can be infernal, and I suppose I’m Canadian enough to […]

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