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Another Instalment in the March of the Novel

Since we last spoke. Or I wrote and you read. Or, man, what is the correct nomenclature here? I went through edits with my editor. Twice. The second one took less than a few hours. This process started with a breathtakingly lovely letter from her. And it ended with me pressing “send” a few weeks […]

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New Short Story Published at Joyland

To celebrate the start of winter, or not – this is very subjective – I have a new story published by the great people at Joyland, called Cold. I’m lucky to live in a place that still has winter (I kind of like it) though it doesn’t have winter enough. We used to get a […]

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Meeting Salman Rushdie on the Toronto Island Ferry

No really. Oddest thing. He was on the ferry in the morning (arriving in Toronto from New York) and then again in the afternoon (leaving). We weren’t sharing flights. (for those who don’t know Toronto, the city has a second airport just offshore on an island in Lake Ontario.) He was in town checking in […]

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Soy Chicken and BBQ Pork on Rice with Attitude

I’ve just returned from Toronto where I spent a few days attending MagNet, an industry conference, doing some work, hitting up the latest Literary Death Match (I was a judge at the one in Montreal) and then hosting the National Magazine Awards (I’m President of the NMAF, the body that runs the show; what this […]

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