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Happiness is Finding Lost Nail Clippers

Sometimes you just write a line that you’re so proud of you want to go out and buy cigars and hand them out to every stranger you happen to meet. This is such a line: It’s from a story (Part Two of a story to be honest) posted on Tabulit (my last post explains what […]

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Hi Remember Me?

It’s been a while. Stuff has been happening just not here. So this came out today: This is from a short story (Part One of a short story) called Wild Horses (link) that has been posted on a new site called Tabulit, a literary venture that sells short stories and hands over the majority of […]

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New Short Story Published at Joyland

To celebrate the start of winter, or not – this is very subjective – I have a new story published by the great people at Joyland, called Cold. I’m lucky to live in a place that still has winter (I kind of like it) though it doesn’t have winter enough. We used to get a […]

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New Short Story at Joylandmagazine.com

Joyland is a great online fiction magazine that edits regionally. What does that mean? Different cities have different editors and they all publish stories to create the magazine. Anyhow, I have a new short story up, published today (link here). This is the story that was a finalist for the Sidney Prize, though it’s been […]

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Useless? Or Process?

I wrote about 4,000 words last weekend. Mostly on Sunday. I had the house to myself and got to work. I’ve been working on a short story off and on for the last month or so and the story keeps changing and I keep writing more words. Soon this thing is going to have to […]

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Kingdom of Noise

1. There they are. Everywhere. But mostly in your personal space. Because of the noise. They will yell things that are regrettable and mildly offensive and then they will eat overly-salted fast food and make more loud noises and think of themselves in ways that no one else might ever think. They will drink things […]

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New Story in Matrix #89

If you have access to it, Matrix is a great indie literary magazine published out of Montreal. The latest issue is ostensibly about hockey, just in time for the Stanley Cup finals and I have a story in it about a former player who contemplates his unsuccessful run on the rink while ogling his customers […]

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