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Absolutely Useless Thoughts: 6

Might as well number them. Because I think I’m going to be doing them on a regular basis. So the first officially regular collection of Useless Thoughts, is AUT: 6. Makes about as much sense as anything else in the world right now. 1. Do we ever regret what technology does? Are we so enthralled […]

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One of Paste Magazine’s 100 Best Twitter Accounts

Ok, so not too many people read Paste. And I don’t like lists. I said as much on Facebook. Or perhaps it was Google+. I can’t keep track. But look at this list! It’s awesome. And I’m on it. Sure, that might make it less awesome, but still. (I just checked. It was Google+. I […]

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The Social

The internet is a social place. You meet people, share things, you “talk” without having to talk. The irony, of course, is that if you’re not very social in real life, you can still get your social fix in cyberspace and a lot of people do exactly that. Good for them. But there’s too much […]

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