The Algorithms of Amazon

oscar-wildeIt sounds like either a play by Oscar Wilde or a Greek tragedy – and in light of what it means we (and by “we” I mean “all of us”) must do these days in order to sell products, perhaps it is a bit tragic. And since we’re all doing it, there is no “comedy is tragedy that happens to someone else” because there is no someone else in this matter. No one is immune. It’s like we’ve all been listening to Jenny McCarthy!!!

This is what I’m asking then: If you have read my novel, add a review on Amazon. Even if you didn’t like it. Because a review makes things better. For me. More reviews alerts the Machinery at places like Amazon to the existence of a product and then this Machinery starts to actively suggest it to customers who the Machinery thinks will like it. Because the Machinery knows you and in this knowing it justifies its existence and becomes stronger still. All online book retailers (and, really, why use the word “book” here?) have this kind of algorithm built into their systems but the ones at Amazon are the most sophisticated of the bunch. Because Amazon!

A nice review on Goodreads is, well, nice. Don’t get me a wrong. But a bunch of reviews on Amazon is amazing. So that’s what I’m asking. Head on over to your favorite online retailer and “review” or “comment” or whatever you need to do on my book. And when I say “your favorite online retailer” I really mean “Amazon.”

Thank you for your support.


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