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You can preorder Waiting for the Man at these online retailers (amongst others):


Amazon (including Kindle): Waiting for the Man

Chapters Indigo


Amazon (including Kindle)

Barnes & Noble






Book Depository



Australia: Booktopia

The book will be available every where and I will keep adding links as I know of them.

Of course, I encourage you to also go to your local bookseller and purchase all of your books from them. If you are lucky enough to live close to an independent bookseller, please patronize them. The presence of a genuine bookstore uplifts a neighborhood infinitely. I know there has been lots of gloom and doom written about the state of the indie bookstore (especially in Toronto, which has seen a horrific spate of closings recently) but my feeling is if a bookstore has made it to now, it’s made it, it’s come out of the other end of the wormhole caused by technological disruption, by the change in buying habits such disruption has engendered, and will survive. Even thrive. (I was speaking to a local bookseller at an author/bookseller meet and greet two weeks ago, and he seemed to agree; his suburban store is larger than ever – both physically and in terms of sales.) Yes, of course, booksellers still have to run a good business, and some may have to gimmick up the bookselling part of the business, but more people are reading more books than ever before (I love this chart, and though it is two years old, I think the trendline holds). The genuine and undeniable convenience of the digital bookseller (as evidenced by the links above) still does not match the experience of the bookstore, of actually visiting a place, interacting with others, holding physical objects, swimming in the sensory experience that a book provides (let alone a store full of books). This is my neighborhood bookstore store, for example (and in the photos above and below). Look at it. And that doesn’t mean I buy all my books there. Of course I purchase books online. I won’t deny it. (And again, the links above are Exhibit A) Why would I deny such a thing? But my neighborhood is all the richer for the bookstore that is, in many ways, at its heart. And it is at my neighborhood bookstore that I will launch Waiting for the Man. On April 3rd. Mark your calendars. (more on launch schedule, and cities, later…)


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