Books Need to Get Bookier

Look at these things. They are gorgeous. I would never have read….no, that’s not true. I would have read them in any form imaginable.  A Joseph Conrad novella (that I’d never read, from a series from Melville House that I’d never heard of) and F. Scott on booze! I found them at my neighbourhood bookstore, and every time I go in I’m thankful that it exists. But look at the books. I wish you could touch them. But you can’t. Not on the internet.

And that’s the point. I’ve long said “print needs to be printier” and I think books need to be bookier. They may lose to digital in the convenience department (not just in the carrying of them, but also in the purchase of them; man it’s easy to buy a digital book and yesterday I bought three off Amazon…) but they win in the sensual department.

Books are sensual objects. Writing, on the other hand, is a form of communication. But when they come together, is there anything better than a book? Like F. Scott on booze? Booze!


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