Ruining Young Minds Since 2011

My Twisters are now…in high school textbooks. Yes. Canadian students from grades 10 to 12 are being subjected to my Twisters among other far superior works. I sold two sets of Twisters (to the same publisher – but for different books) but this is the first textbook I’ve seen. Other than my contribution, I have to say, the book is actually rather cool – it includes graphic novels, comix, other experimental short works, essays. Nothing like the textbooks I was reading when I was in school. Of course, that was a long time ago, in that dark and dangerous age that came between the cancellation of  Joanie Loves Chachi and the invention of handheld video games (um…wait, I might be older than that but if I am I’m not admitting it, ok?). Students: You are lucky to live in such an awesome age. Except for when you open this book and find me. But I will never apologize. They paid me dammit!

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