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And Yet More Absolutely Useless Thoughts

1. Lists are coming out. More and more of them. I can foresee a day where, really, everything is a list. • Best of the day. • Best of the week. • Best of the month. • Best of the year. • Best of 2:00 PM. • Best Tweets you missed since you last check […]

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On Vacation

You go away with the stated intention of getting “recharged” and that’s just what you do. You get recharged. Recharging involves UNcharging in many ways, unplugging and finding a place off the grid so that all you do is read (and read and read – a bunch of my reviews of stuff I read is […]

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List: Movies I Kinda Liked (in no particular order)

There’s no rhyme or reason to this. Maybe I’ve been into lists recently. I’ve liked more movies than the ones listed below. For sure. But the truth is, I’m also picky. It’s my curse. Touch of Evil The Aristocats Raising Arizona The Birds Apocalypse Now A Clockwork Orange Badlands The Big Night Jules et Jim […]

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Five One Minute Films. Five 140-Character Stories

Two years ago, a one-minute film based on a Twister won the People’ Choice Award at Filminute, an online international film festival. This year, the organizers at filminute asked me to create tweets based on five films in the shortlist. Here are the results. I would strongly recommend heading over to filminute to take a […]

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