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On Vacation

You go away with the stated intention of getting “recharged” and that’s just what you do. You get recharged. Recharging involves UNcharging in many ways, unplugging and finding a place off the grid so that all you do is read (and read and read – a bunch of my reviews of stuff I read is […]

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List: Stuff I Kinda Like (the start of something edition)

On Opening Day, I thought I’d add (yet) another list of stuff I kinda like, this one about things that start something, or foretell something, foreshadow, or even start the process of anticipation. Sometimes, the thing that starts something is more exciting than what follows (Opening Day is the perfect example: if you had to […]

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This Is the World

I’m in Hong Kong on my way home from Kuala Lumpur. This is for work, for the bill paying day job I have that is a good enough kind of job so that sometimes I get to go to places like Kuala Lumpur to stay in nice hotels and eat great food and suffer from […]

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