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On Vacation

You go away with the stated intention of getting “recharged” and that’s just what you do. You get recharged. Recharging involves UNcharging in many ways, unplugging and finding a place off the grid so that all you do is read (and read and read – a bunch of my reviews of stuff I read is […]

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Two Weeks of Nothing: Random Thoughts After a Relaxing Vacation

Back from vacation. From possibly the most relaxing vacation of my life. You want to know what made it relaxing? Well, lots of things. But I stayed in a place with no cell reception. No internet. No internet will set you free. There was a television but I hardly watched any of it. I wasn’t […]

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Vacation Notice

Not that I’ve been posting much recently. Life really does get in the way. And I’ve said it before but I’m not going to post for postings’ sake. I don’t care what that does for my search or “findability” – those people that tell you to post to your blog regularly are giving bad advice. […]

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I am going on vacation. I say this for a simple reason. Because I won’t be posting. Unless something momentous happens. I just thought I’d let you know. Hope your summer’s going well. Mine’s about to get a whole lot better.

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