Vacation Notice

Not that I’ve been posting much recently. Life really does get in the way. And I’ve said it before but I’m not going to post for postings’ sake. I don’t care what that does for my search or “findability” – those people that tell you to post to your blog regularly are giving bad advice. Because regular content invariably leads to bad content and there is more than enough bad content in the world. It’s full of it. I don’t want to add to the noise.

I am off on vacation. I’m not going to hear about shootings in Colorado, or the bloodshed in Syria, or whether or not there’s a famine in Somalia, or the killing of protesters in China, or more random bad stuff, always more, nope. I won’t have to watch and read the nasty stuff flying back and forth in the US. They’re threatening an election in Quebec and I can miss some of that bruit too. Does brutal come from bruit? Can someone let me know? Serious question.

I’m going to be in a cabin by a lake with my family and we’re going to swim and boat and hang out by the dock. I’m going to make cocktails. Perhaps pitchers of them. I’m going to eat a cheeseburger or two in a diner somewhere. I’m going to watch the clouds move past us. Listen to the wind.

Having said that, I imagine I’ll still post stuff to Twitter. Probably. Maybe. Depends on how good the cocktails are.¬†And then, yes, I’ll jump back in to the noise. I’ll plug in. And then maybe make some noise of my own.

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