A Great List

About work. I love this website – basically a list a day. Kind of List of the Day Club. And this list, Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments to himself, his rules for writing, is an awesome list that is still relevant today. Not just for writers, though it is great advice for writers, but for anyone who works and wants to do a job well. And though #2, 10 and 11 might seem writerly, you just need to replace the word “write” or “books” with words that are relevant to you and then you can go to town with Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments. As for the website, I’m sure one day, someone will write a list of their favorite lists from Lists of Note. Now, about the photo. Yes, that’s Henry Miller playing ping pong with an undressed woman. It might possibly be every (male) writer’s aspiration. Possibly. Or, if he’s being honest, something he has thought about at least in his life. Though perhaps involving another activity. Like pool. Or croquet. Or eating grapes. But I guess Miller had followed through on all the Commandments that day and needed a reward.

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