Fidgeting My Through The Ottawa Writers Festival

From last spring. I shared the stage with Miriam Toews and Jonathan Bennett. Despite my ticks, I had a lovely time. Arjun Basu, Jonathan Bennett and Miriam Toews – Where You Stumble – April 28 2014 from OTTAWA INTL WRITERS FESTIVAL on Vimeo. This was my reading. Watch me annihilate my forehead: Arjun Basu reading […]

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der Giller

You don’t write to be loved. Or remembered. Or compensated. I mean, all of those things are nice, but that’s not why you write. It is not a career one recommends too often if your goal is wealth. Or simplicity. Congratulations @arjunbasu! Waiting for the Man, is on the #GillerPrize longlist: — CBC Books […]

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So You Want To Be Cool?

The Giller Prize longlist was announced today. I’m on it. It was announced in Montreal. My son goes to school across the street from where it was announced. I am in a hotel room in Anaheim, California. My phone started buzzing. I was on the list for Canada’s richest literary prize. My reaction? I did […]

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Does Size Matter?

It appears now we are entering a phase when a lot of talk about writing can be lumped under “size matters.” Or doesn’t. This depends on who you talk to. Because, as we all know, from another, more tittilating conversation, one involving more giggling but also more humiliation, size is important no matter what. Look […]

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Post Vacation Thoughts – and The Types of People Who Should Buy My Book If You Haven’t Already Done So

I went on vacation. We went to Maine and ate a lot of things from the ocean that once lived in shells. As in, if it was in a shell at some point, I ate it. Or tried to. And pizza. Don’t ask me why, but pizza in Montreal is mostly bad. Maine isn’t quite […]

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Farming and Bestsellers…

…have nothing in common. But that passages from Waiting for the Man are being quoted in the most unlikely of places fills me with an odd kind of joy. In this case, a line about farming. I know, like I’m some expert. A tribute to farmers "Farming is the first rung on the ladder […]

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The Waiting for the Man Roadmap

View WAITING FOR THE MAN in a larger map Waiting for the Man is a novel of discovery (zzzzz….it’s more than that I promise!). And, in the simplest terms, about getting from Point A to Point B. Literally. About half way through the (re)writing process, I figured it would be easier to map Joe’s journey […]

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The Algorithms of Amazon

It sounds like either a play by Oscar Wilde or a Greek tragedy – and in light of what it means we (and by “we” I mean “all of us”) must do these days in order to sell products, perhaps it is a bit tragic. And since we’re all doing it, there is no “comedy […]

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That’s What I Like To See

I’m ambivalent about reviews. I’ll post some here, I’m sure, but I doubt I will read them. Reading reviews, both good and bad, is not a rabbit hole I want to lose myself in, not for a second. I want reviews, I want lots of them, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want to […]

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The Photo Booth

So. If you have ordered the book (and thank you for ordering it!) I’d like to see it. I’d like you to take a photo of it and post it somewhere. And then I’m going to post it here. Randomly. But still. I’m even introducing a hashtag: #waitingfortheman. You don’t have to use it, but […]

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