T 6252

Dear Lynn. I saw your mother naked, and it was not altogether unpleasant. And I realized you are unlike her. So I’m leaving you. I’m sorry.

Dear Lee. I drank all your whisky. I’m not proud of it but I’d do it again. I also took your expensive socks. I hope we can still be friends

Dear Lynn. I’m sure I never loved you. It’s obvious to me now. Do you remember all those times you called me slow? Turns out you were right.

Lee. Was it really only yesterday that we lay naked together? Or was that a month ago? It was never memorable. You put the less in timeless!

Lynn. I grow weak with a malignant nostalgia. I see your face everywhere. I can’t live like this. Not here. Not now. Not without you. Bitch.

Dearest Lee. I am flattered you moved far away. It means I meant something to you and continue to. It doesn’t change how I feel. But thanks.

Dear Lynn. Your happiness makes me happy. Just not in the way that you think. I hope you enjoy life and find somebody. PS: Your mom says hi.

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