The Wait is Over for Waiting for the Man

It’s true. I received a boxful of books today. The book comes out next week. Two weeks later in the U.S. A few weeks after that in other parts of the world. Something special is happening in Australia; more on that later. And now that I have a box of books, and dates are set for book launch stuff (with, yes, more to come), I have to say this: the thrill is already waning. I’m thinking about the future. About what’s next. About the book that has already started forming, and that I’ve already started writing. I’m not trying to freak out my publisher here: I know there is a long road ahead and (hopefully) a long life for Waiting for the Man. A lot of talking and reading and selling. And I’m proud of the book. I’m proud of how it looks and feels and all that. And the press has just started. (I’m sitting for my first interview on Thursday!) But I’m already feeling a bit, um, meh. You know? And I had that feeling the moment I held my book in my hands. (So, yes, something’s wrong with me)

It’s a handsome book.


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