Great Pop Culture Bridges (another ArjunBasuList™)

Being someone who writes stuff I appreciate the metaphorical power of bridges. I get the whole connecting thing. I’m not alone, of course. Far from it. Very very far. Perhaps too far. See where I’m going with this? Here are the top 5 pop culture bridge references. Well 6. Because 5 is a tie.

5 (tie)

A Bridge Too Far

Bridge On the River Kwai

War brings out the bridge metaphor in a big way. For obvious reasons. Though the sheer idiocy of the events surrounding the bridge over the actual River Kwai are kind of mindboggling. You almost get the feeling Stanley Kubrik created Dr. Strangelove because someone else got to the absurdity of River Kwai first.


Bridge Over Troubled Water

Do you ever wonder about the unbearable burden of being Art Garfunkel?


Jeff Bridges (note that Todd Bridges earns an honorable mention)

Actually, I would almost add all the Bridges brothers and the father here. No, I KNOW Todd Bridges is not a relation. The hair is completely different.


The bridge reference(s) at the end of Led Zeppelin’s The Crunge (which was most probably a reference to James Brown and you can never go wrong with a James Brown reference).


ALL hockey player bridge work


Hockey players get so much bridgework done almost all the time I wonder if they trade dentists’ names like, well, hockey cards.

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