A Brief Explanation About the Origin of the Universe

It was a very big bang...No. For real. I know this is a bit outside of the realm of my, um, expertise, but I know people who know things about things. Like yesterday’s major announcement about the origins of the Big Bang and proving the last bit of Einstein’s theories. Vicky Kaspi and I went to high school together (we edited the yearbook together and were teammates on Reach For the Top – which any Canadian of a certain age will surely remember). And so I reached out to her yesterday on Facebook. Why? Because Vicky has discovered things in the universe and had those things named after her. How many of your friends have been admitted to The Royal Society? Right. So Vicky walked me through the announcement/discovery. In 12 simple steps. Click here and have a look. Yesterday’s news might even start to make sense.

(Scratch high school. Vicky and I have known each other since grade 4…)

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