100,000 people with nothing better to do…

That’s unfair. That’s very unfair of me and I am grateful to each and every one of them. Yesterday at some point, I passed 100,000 followers on Twitter. My follower number is not something I obsess over too much but any way you look at it, a number like 100,000 is a milestone of some kind, or at the very least, a nice round number. With SIX figures! A kind woman from Danville, California was my 100,000th follower and I sent her a copy of Squishy (earlier the same day, she had won a signed Deluxe DVD copy of The Incredibles – so it was quite the day for her).

When I started this thing on Twitter, I didn’t expect much and, frankly, I still don’t. But what started as a lark is now something taught in schools around the world (and I just sold some to a high school textbook publisher in Canada – poor, poor kids…), has been used as the basis for a film and has involved countless discussions with publishers (to no avail, alas, though I don’t blame them – what Twitter-based book has done well?).

I continue to be astonished by how much my stories mean to people and for that, more than anything else, I am grateful. So this is a way of saying thanks.


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