The Unthinking: der Giller Part Two


The thing about getting nominated for a major award but not really getting nominated is the potential of it. The glimpse it affords to the other side. Being longlisted for anything is like the Pluto of nominations. One day you’re a planet and the next day you’re not. You’re not even considered a planet anymore. And worse, you never were. The whole thing had been, quite possibly, a misunderstanding. An invitation sent to the wrong address.


Getting nominated, for anything, is an honour, sure, and an achievement, there is no doubt about this. But it’s also a crapshoot. A look at any list any year shows what a crapshoot the entire affair of awards are. All awards. The most predictable thing about a nomination list is the immense harping that follows about the nomination list. Like night follows day. Which happens. Even on Pluto (where a “day” lasts 6.4 earth days or 153.3 hours FYI). But the thing about getting nominated is this: you start to think about things you didn’t think you had a right to think about before.

And then you have to unthink that stuff. You have to unthink all of it and move on. Because that’s what you need to do. Until the next time.


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