The Art of Procrastination

There is an art to procrastination and we are all proficient at it in various ways. I nailed it this weekend. I wanted to finish writing a short story all weekend and never got around to it. I thought about the story a lot (and the thinking is an important part of the writing process) but in the end (and it is the end – it’s 10 on Sunday and that’s as end of the weekend as one can get) I have little to show for it on paper – a few lines at most. I do, however, have something major to show for it in my head, a shift in the point of view in the narration of the story that unblocked a lot of it for me – though not enough to, you know, get over the procrastination and actually write anything.

But the good thing about procrastination, and it is a good thing, is it always allows us to look forward to completing something tomorrow.

I did watch the soccer game today. Quite a game.

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