More Random Thoughts (said with seriousness, and reverb)

1. I’m tired of people telling others what to do. Professionally. There are so many how-to experts. And then you achieve some kind of fame doing something (and that fame is usually completely deserved) and so you translate that success into telling others how to do what you just did. Because it was so easy? You diminish your hard work by making it into a formula. Think about it. But don’t take my advice. I’m not really offering any. Just opinions.
2. So, life coach. I don’t get that. You need a coach for your entire life?
3. The thing is, we have an enormous industry making you believe you need to be better and more perfect and so you know what you need? A coach. For what? Empowerment. What is that? I’m not entirely sure.
4. Women and men and funny? That’s stupid. I mean, the real question is which sex is dumber? And which one is angrier? Or sadder? Because I think both are equally funny. And stupid. For the record.
5. Lately I’ve been thinking of not doing the Twitter thing. I love Twitter. I just don’t feel like writing there. But then, I do. And I do it again. And again. I think they put bath salts in Twitter or something.
6. Last time I did this Random Thoughts thing, I said I was sick of the Euro song already. I imagine you are as well by now. If you’re watching. I’m still not going to link to it. But I think there is a connection between Euro-pop and the debt crisis. A very direct connection.
7. I’m starting to think, seriously, that the book industry has it in for me. My agent is getting perplexed too.
8. Humidity is the mosquito of weather.
9. That is, if you see the mosquito as useless. Or question its value. I’m sure mosquitos feed a lot of things. I’m sure entire species depend on mosquitos. As much as mosquitos depend on the blood of innocent victims. Someone tell me what depends on humidity. I’m sure there are entire ecosystems and thus global weather patterns dependent on humidity. I understand humidity is just water in the air. And we need water. Regardless, please illuminate me. I’m serious.
10. There is nothing more perfect than the full you feel after dim sum.

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