Come to A Virtual Reading

Yes. This is an invitation. I told you recently that a short story I had written had been a finalist for the Sidney Prize. Well, I didn’t win. But that’s not the point of this. Shindig is a new kind of website that wants to become, well, a lot of things – in the manner of all start-ups – but it wants to be a meeting place where a lot of things happen, including author readings. So I’m doing one. And I’ll be reading the story that didn’t win the prize. It will be published in Joyland soon (and I’ll post news of that as well). So. Here is an invite to the event. Yes, you need to RSVP. Once you RSVP you will get a link for the event itself and reminders. The reading takes place Wednesday April 25th at 6:00 (eastern time) PM. I’m going to read the story and then we’re going to do a Q&A. I’ve seen a Shindig before and they are pretty cool. They do NOT replace an actual live event because until we get holodecks, nothing will replace actual live events. But this also allows a whole bunch of people anywhere in the world to hear me read. And that’s pretty amazing. Please do come. And tell your friends.

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